Avo Rally Coilover Kits

AVO Rally Coilover Kits

The AVO Rally Coilover range are vehicle specific, height and damping adjustable coilover kits that can be built for either tarmac, gravel or forest rally use.

The AVO Rally Coilover kits are manufactured in either 1-way damping adjustable (AVO R1 Coilover Kits) where bump and rebound is adjusted simultaneously, 2-way damping (AVO R2 Coilovers) which separates bump and rebound damping for even finer tuning of handling characteristics and 3-way damping (AVO R3) where rebound, low speed bump and high speed bump damping is separated for even greater control of the way the car behaves on stage.

All AVO Rally Coilover kits are fully customised (at no extra cost) in terms of damper valving and spring rates based upon the specification and use of the car and the tyres used.

The Rally 1 and Rally 2 kits can be purchased on line and we will contact you to finalise the setup you require. The Rally 3 kits cannot be purchased on line – for these you will need to contact us before purchase so we can provide an accurate quote and set up for your needs.

AVO Rally Coilover Kit Range