BC RM Series (Inverted Mono)

BC RM Series Coilovers

The BC RM Series is aimed at the fast road and track-day market where a higher performing kit is needed. Spring rates are generally similar to the BR Series and pillowball top mounts and camber adjustable front top plates are standard fitment on McPherson strut cars whilst, in the BC Racing RM Series, pillowball rear top mounts are supplied in most kits. Height is adjusted using the lower damper mount. This ensures maximum damper even at the lowest ride heights to maintain ride comfort and compliance for the road whilst still exhibiting superb body roll control.

The defining feature of the BC Racing RM Series is that the dampers are an inverted (up-side-down) monotube design that moves the gas and oil cells away from the brakes for cooler more consistent operation – the brakes are a major heat source that can overheat the dampers and cause oil cavitation and damper fade.

BC RM Series Coilovers - Applications

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