Bluefin Remapping

Bluefin Remapping at Corby Motorsport

Bluefin is designed and manufactured by Superchips Ltd, the UK market leader in engine performance technology for over 30 years. Motorsport pedigree runs in the companies blood as the only official tuning partner to Volkswagen Racing UK, and all the MINI Coopers in the Scottish MINI Challenge run with Superchips remaps. Porsche Club GB has appointed us as a technical consultant for the Michelin Porsche Club Championship.

Within the Bluefin controller, the tuning code carefully matches increases in turbo boost pressure with remapped ignition timing and fuelling. Installing a Bluefin remap will not affect reliability or the life of the engine.

Installation of the Bluefin remap is simple, just locate your cars diagnostic port, plug in data lead on your Bluefin and follow the instructions displayed on your Bluefin to install the upgrade.

More Information About Bluefin

Please follow the link to view Bluefin Frequently Asked Questions