BMW BC Coilovers

BMW BC Coilovers – Cheaper Finance with Corby Motorsport

Here’s How We are the Cheapest Dealer….
  • We list our BMW BC Coilover kits with a 5% discount and 12 months 0% interest free finance (9.9% for 18-24 month packages)
  • Some of our competitors list BMW BC Coilovers kits at 12% discount BUT then charge 14.9% interest! – WE ARE CHEAPER!
  • Some of our competitors offer interest free credit BUT list the kits at RRP! – WE ARE CHEAPER!
We monitor our competitor offerings in the BC Coilovers market place constantly and we will never be beaten on the total cost of our finance packages.

Want to Purchase BMW BC Coilovers Outright?

Give us a ring on 01536 744256 for an additional 9% discount on our listed prices – that gives you a total discount of 13.5% of the retail price of BMW BC Coilover Kits!

BMW BC Coilover Range

BC Coilovers are available for most models within the BMW range including 3 Series from E30, E36 and the ever popular BMW E46 models through to the latest cars. Our E90, E91, E92 and E93 coilover sales are gaining ground on the later models as these hot BMWs are becoming more affordable. 1 Series E81, E82, E87, and E88 BC Coilover kits are always popular. We also keep 5, 6 and 7 Series in stock along with the offerings for Z cars and the X range of SUVs. If we do not have the exact BMW BC Coilovers you are looking for in stock, they are generally just a week or two away!