BMW E38 (94-01) BC Coilover Kit (BR)

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BMW E38 ( 94-01 ) BC Coilover Kit (BR)

Top Mount and Spring Rate Specifications (Default)

  • Front Top Mount: Camber Adjustable
  • Front Spring: 9 Kg
  • Rear Top Mount: Rubber / None
  • Rear Spring: 6 Kg

Where a camber adjustable pillowball top mount is fitted, this will allow the adjustment of camber to help increase grip and traction, the pillowball refers to the top mount bearing which is a spherical metal bearing with removes the flex associated with OE rubber mountings to maintain suspension location during hard cornering to increase grip. If your application states pillowball only, no camber adjustment is possible (usually due to turret space of OE suspension design). Where a rubber mount is stated, this is a hardened rubber mount that again reduces flex.

Need Finance for your BC Coilovers?

At Corby Motorsport our prices are lower than other retailers offering finance so whilst we do charge a low rate percentage for our finance, you still pay in total, less with us than you will with other retailers!

Also Consider Hardrace Suspension Arms

To complement your BC Coilover purchase, why not have a look at our Hardrace range of adjustable suspension arms to further increase your cars cornering performance. These add even more adjustability for camber and toe so you can have your suspension geometry set to dial in more tyre grip for extra traction during hard cornering. Just follow this link to Hardrace Adjustable Suspension Arms.

Other Features of BC Coilovers

The BR Series of coilovers from BC Racing are designed for fast road and track use offering 30 way adjustable damping (rebound and compression are adjusted using a single top adjuster) and on car height adjustment to dial your car into any given track, helping you to reduce understeer / oversteer and maximise grip and traction both on the road and race track.

Ride height is adjusted using the lower shock mount on BC Coilovers, allowing the damper to retain its full range of travel, even at the lowest ride heights, maintaining ride comfort and control.

For those of us who use their car mainly on the track, we offer a free race damping upgrade on BC Coilovers and can change the spring rates according to your cars specification and intended use, please call to discuss your requirements.

Postage of your BC Coilover kit within UK mainland is free, overseas customers please click OVERSEAS POSTAGE to view and purchase postage. Buy your BC Racing Coilovers online or call today us on 01536 744256.

BMW E38 ( 94-01 ) BC Coilover Kit (BR)

  • Model: I-23
  • Shipping Weight: 10lbs

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