BMW F30 F31 KW Coilovers

BMW 3 Series F30 and F31 KW Coilovers

Fitting KW “Innox Line” Coilovers to your BMW 3 Series F30 or F31 will seriously improve its looks and cornering ability. You have been warned! Where available, KW Innox Line coilover kits come in three types depending upon your needs and budget.
  • KW Variant 1 – Height Adjustable
  • KW Variant 2 – Height and Damping Adjustable
  • KW Variant 3 – Height Adjustable. Two-Way Damping Adjustable
We supply the full range of BMW 3 Series KW Coilovers for F30 and F31 models. When you buy from Corby Motorsport you can be sure that:
  • We maintain the lowest prices
  • We hold a huge amount of stock
  • We ship free within mainland UK
We take card payments, Paypal and we offer low rate finance via our checkout.

Finance Your BMW 3 Series F30 and F31 KW Coilovers - Cheaper with Corby Motorsport

Our low rate finance coupled to our low prices means that you will pay with us, on average, less than you would if you went somewhere offering zero percent finance. This is because those companies offering 0% finance generally charge the retail price for BMW 3 Series F30 and F31 KW Coilovers. Check the finance calculator against each of our listings to find out what your total and monthly payments could be.

BMW 3 Series F30 and F31 KW “Innox Line” Coilover Range

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