Compbrake Top Mounts

Compbrake Top Mounts

Most car manufacturers make their OE top mounts out of rubber. This is because cars have to appeal to a wide range of buyers and rubber top mounts are quiet and add some a degree of comfort as rubber is squishy.

The problem for petrol heads is this squishiness as it allows suspension components to move. If your front strut is moving about when you are cornering hard the alignment of your suspension is changing and grip and traction suffer. When the OE rubber top mounts get old and worn, the problem becomes worse.

Fitting a set of Compbrake Top Mounts replaces your tired rubber mountings with a light alloy plate and a self lubricating metal bearing. This stops the unwanted suspension movement and improves grip and traction for a faster and more predicable handling car.

Compbrake Top Mounts are available as fixed (concentric), adjustable camber (eccentric) and on car camber adjustable top mounts (slider type) depending upon the space available within the turret.

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