D2 Racing Brake Kits

About D2 Racing Brake Kits

Made by KSport, the D2 Racing Big Brake brand is aimed at the cost conscious fast road and track day driver. Featuring internal and externally sealed, 6 piston monoblock callipers and drilled discs, the D2 Racing Big Brake Kit is designed to remove heat from the braking system quickly so brake pads and brake fluid remain cool and maximum braking power is available every time you hit the brake pedal.

Corby Motorsport are proud to offer D2 Racing brake kits to our customers. We list all kits with a generous discount and a wide choice of pads for every possible use. We also offer finance on all kits.

D2 Brake Kits – Road or Race

At Corby Motorsport we regularly supply D2 Brake Kits with the race groove discs (at no extra cost) for those customers who wish to use the car for more track biased use. Choosing the correct brake pads will also enable the kit to be used in competition be it drifting, rallying or circuit racing right up to Time Attack Series where the D2 Brake kit is capable of reigning in 800bhp monsters – testimony indeed as to the power of D2 Brake Kits!

The D2 Brake Kit Range….