ER Series BC Coilovers

BC ER Series Coilovers

  • External Reservoir
  • Two Way Adjustable
  • For Motorsport Use
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  • Tailored spring rates and damper valving to suit your needs
The ER Series of BC Coilovers is aimed at the tarmac circuit motorsport and serious track day market. The ER Series features an external reservoir for extra oil capacity for more consistent damper performance in motorsport conditions. This also allows for an additional adjuster knob to separate bump and rebound damping forces whish are now controlled independently in the ER Series. This extra adjustment helps to really dial a car into any given track. The compression damping adjustment allows you to fine tune the way the car rolls onto its front tyres during braking and the separate rebound adjustment allows you to fine tune the way the car responds as you come off the brakes to enter the corner proper to keep the front end hooked up. This allows you to get back on the power sooner and maximise corner exit speed for faster lap times.

In the BC Racing ER Series, camber adjustable front top plates are standard fitment on McPherson strut cars, Pillowball top mounts front and rear are standard where possible to fit. race damping is available as a no cost option. Have a chat with us today for advice on your new BC ER Series coilover kit.

BC ER Series Coilovers - Applications