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Gaz GOLD Coilovers

Gaz GOLD Coilovers (GGA) have been developed for tarmac motorsport such as circuit racing, drift, drag and tarmac rallying. In order to get the best out of your Gaz GOLD Coilovers, you will need the correct spring rates and damper valving for your car’s specification and its intended use. For example, a RWD Drift car will want a stiffer rear to break traction more readily, a RWD drag will want a softer rear setup to allow the tyres to “hook up”. For FWD race cars, we can dial in some ” lift-off oversteer” to assist corner entry and aid traction when powering out of corners.

We do not charge extra for customising your Gaz GOLD Coilovers as we believe that every customer should have the correct kit specified and built for their specific needs.

Gaz GOLD Coilovers - Applications

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