Gripper Diffs

Corby Motorsport: Gripper Diffs

The extensively tested and well proven multi-plate principle is what Gripper differentials are based on. Gripper diffs are designed uniquely so that they perform with minimal sound disruption, and remain progressive in movement.
At Corby Motorsport, our main aim is to provide all of our customers with top of the range parts and equipment that will enable them to fulfil their goals both on the race track and on stage.
We don’t charge our customers a set-up fee for their Gripper Diff, as we understand the importance of getting the most appropriate component for each individual and their car.

We Provide Gripper Diffs

Being a dedicated and passionate provider of car parts and accessories that come from highly respected manufacturers, we provide equipment that will not only improve your performance and safety whilst racing across a variety of terrains,
we can also tailor your car parts to suit your wants and vehicle specification. With decades of experience in the motor industry, we know that every driver is different, and consequently, so are their needs.
The Preload of our industry standard Gripper Diffs can be adjusted. In addition to this, we will always ensure that the ramp angles are correct to the particular specification you require.

Why Do We Stock Gripper Diffs?

All of the Gripper Diffs we sell can be fully customised to suit the exact requirements of each of our highly valued customers.
The quality design of all of the Gripper Diffs we stock makes them compact enough to fit in to applications where no LSD has ever been available.
We like to set ourselves apart from the competition at Corby Motorsport, and take pride in testing all of our motoring equipment and car parts where possible.
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