HiSpec Brake Kits

HiSpec Brake Kits

HiSpec Motorsport are a well-established brand in the motoring industry, and their reliability has won them multiple motorsport championships. At Corby Motorsport we specialise in supplying HiSpec Brake Kits for road and race applications, whether circuit, hill climb, sprinting, drift, drag or all forms of rallying, we can supply a HiSpec Brake kit for you.

HiSpec Brakes are a top quality investment for anyone passionate about motor racing. Made to decrease your stopping distance, but ensure you feel in complete control of the car, HiSpec Brakes have been engineered with perfection in mind.

The HiSpec Brake Kit Range

Choose from a range of brake kits including:
  • Hispec Billet Brake Kits
  • HiSpec Monster Brake Kits
  • Hispec Mega Monster Brake Kits
  • HiSpec 8-Pot Brake Kits
We offer 1 or 2 piece brake discs, in straight groove, curved vane, dimpled and cross drilled in vented and non-vented form to suit the use of your vehicle. A wide pad choice is offered for road and all type of motorsport.

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