K-Sport Brake Kits

Corby Motorsport: KSport Brakes

Our cars are used for a variety of journeys each and every day, and although standard fit brakes are commonly able to handle this type of general use with ease, anything more than this can cause wear and tear on the brakes.
It is of paramount importance for the safety of the driver, other road users, and pedestrians that essential components such as brakes are upgraded as and when needed, reducing risk to all road users.
KSport Brakes are one of the world’s largest and most respected brake retailers, making them a popular choice with both regular track racers and those that occasionally like to push their car to the limits in organised racing events.

We Provide KSport Brakes

We specialise in providing each of our customers with only the best components to suit their vehicle, and our expert team can provide you a wide range of advice that will ensure you get the most from any car that you drive,
across any surface you choose to drive on. Upgrading your standard brakes to KSport Brakes means you will have state of the art technology at your feet,
giving you the confidence to test your vehicle across a host of terrains and weather conditions.

Why Do We Stock KSport Brakes?

At Corby Motorsport, our main aim is to increase the performance of the performance of the car your drive, and its safety. KSport Brakes are renowned for their extreme power, and reliability.
The unique piston seal design of KSport Brakes means that they are durable and consequently reduce the risk of sticking or leaking.
Vehicles of all specifications can utilise the power of KSport brakes, but their use on Time Attack cars demonstrates their ability to perform on even the most demanding of roads.