KW Coilovers and Suspension

KW Coilovers and Suspension from KW Automotive

Quality coilover suspension kits don’t get much better than these TuV certified kits from KW Automotive. Built in stainless steel and finished with unsurpassed corrosion protection, KW Coilovers are amongst the best coilover kits you can buy. Choose the right KW Coilover kit for your budget and planned use of your car and you will never need to purchase another set unless you change your car! But did you know that KW Automotive also make height adjustable spring kits and anti-roll bars too? Keep reading to learn more!

The KW Coilover Range

KW Anti-Roll Bars – Helps stiffen your car during cornering for extra grip without affecting straight line comfort.

KW Street Comfort – Lower your car with a full coilover kit that does not sacrifice your OE road comfort!

KW Adjustable Springs – Height adjustable sports springs. Uprated, shortened springs supplied with adjustable spring perches. Designed so you can get the perfect stance without having to change your dampers. The perfect choice for newer car owners!

KW Innox Variant 1 – Height adjustable. Preset Sports Damping. Perfect for road cars where a lower ride height and extra grip is wanted without the need for damper setting changes.

KW Innox Variant 2 – Height and damping adjustable. Designed to offer damper changes over a range from road comfortable to trackday stiff. Adjustable damping will help dial out unwanted oversteer and understeer for a more neutrally handling and hence faster car.

KW Innox Variant 3 – Height adjustable and damping adjustable. These kits separate rebound and compression damping so you can control how the suspension reacts under braking verses acceleration to maintain increased traction in all situations. Ideal for serious road and track cars.

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