Lotus Elise S3 Gaz GOLD PRO Coilover Kit

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Lotus Elise S3 Gaz GOLD PRO Coilover Kit

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About Gaz Gold Pro Coilovers

The Gaz Gold PRO kits can be built for fast road or race use depending upon the application. Ride heights can start OE ride, above or lower at the maximum height setting (with 40-50mm of further height adjustment). Spring rates and damper valving are set for the intended use of the vehicle and the tyres being used. Both height and damping can be adjusted on car and this allows you to quickly alter your set-up and the handling characteristics of your car, reducing understeer or oversteer where needed.

Rebound and compression is adjusted using a single adjuster on the side of the damper and the Gaz Gold Pro kits can be upgraded to EXTERNAL RESERVOIR to separate bump and compression adjustments if required.

Free Custom Set Up of Your Gaz Gold Pro Coilovers

The default build is fast road however, if you are racing the car we can tailor the ride height range, spring rates and damper valving to suit your needs. Just let us know you need a custom setup and we will contact you after your order has been received.

Features Of Gaz Gold Pro Coilovers
  • On car damping adjustment
  • On car height adjustment
  • Customisable damper body lengths
  • Customisable spring rates and damper valving
  • High capacity 50mm damper bodies
  • H15 high tensile aluminium construction
  • Anodised for corrosion resistance
  • Graphite banded piston
  • Fitted with 15mm self lubricating bearings
  • 14mm diameter induction hardened chrome piston rods
  • Powerflex bump stop fitted
Gaz Gold Pro dampers are built with large 50 mm bodies for increased oil capacity to reduce face and are made with H15 high tensile aluminium for lighter weight with added strength. The units are anodised for corrosion resistance and are fitted with 15mm self lubricating bearings for longer life and ease of maintenance. The Gaz Gold Pro dampers use a graphite banded piston for longer life and better sealing which gives improved and more consistent performance. These units are fitted with 14mm diameter induction hardened chrome piston rods for strength and durability. A Powerflex bump stop fitted. Every unit is made to accredited ISO9002 standard and fully tested and dispatched from the factory with an individual dynometer report and backed up by a two-year warranty.

Need Finance for your Gaz Gold Pro Coilovers?

It has never been cheaper to buy Gaz Gold Pro Coilovers! Enjoy our discounted prices and choose from:
  • 0% FINANCE for 12 months
  • LOW 9.9% Interest on 18-24 months
We monitor our competitors pricing regularly. No other company we have found can match our price, finance terms or our free customisation of ride heights, damper valving and spring rates making us the best solution when buying Gaz Gold Pro Coilovers.

Please note, we use a generic image that may not feature your exact vehicle.

Gaz Gold Pro Coilovers are on a 2 week leadtime, postage to UK mainland is free, overseas customers please click OVERSEAS POSTAGE to view and purchase postage. Buy your Gaz Gold Pro Coilovers online or call today us on 01536 744256.

Lotus Elise S3 Gaz GOLD PRO Coilover Kit

  • Model: GGP
  • Shipping Weight: 10lbs