Mishimoto Alloy Radiators

Corby Motorsport: Mishimoto Radiators

Always looking to go the extra mile for our customers, at Corby Motorsport we offer a wide variety of Mishimoto Radiators to suit your car model. All Mishimoto Radiators are TiG welded, meaning they are lighter than their OE counterpart. Despite their light weight, the innovative design of Mishimoto Radiators means they provide maximum protection against leaks. Our goal always has and always will to provide industry standard equipment to our customers, which is why we only invest in reputable products that are sure to enhance your driving performance and safety on the road.

We Provide Mishimoto Radiators

We try our best to test out any product that we stock, ensuring quality control, and the happiness of all of our shoppers. It is important that you choose the most suitable Mishitmoto Radiator for you, which is why our friendly team are always on hand to provide advice and support throughout your purchasing decision. Whether you are a daily driver in search of a quality upgrade, or take part in a variety of racing events, investing in a Mishimoto Radiator will give the confidence that your motor is running as efficiently as possible, allowing you the freedom to push your vehicle to the limits.

Why Do We Stock Mishimoto Radiators?

Mishimoto Radiators reduce coolant temperatures by 25-30%. Using a Mishimoto Radiator to keep your engine coolant at optimum temperature will ensure your car runs efficiently and to its maximum capacity, whatever terrain you may be driving or racing across. Our established reputation in the world of motor racing means we know what works and what doesn’t. Cars and motoring racing are passions for many people, including us, and we aim to provide you with professional standard equipment that will enable you to enjoy the thrill of the race track and upgrading your car parts as and when you desire.