Nitron Coilovers

Nitron Racing Suspension

Nitron Racing have been building their famous range of Nitron Racing Coilover Suspension since 1998 and are now considered to be at forefront of motorsport suspension technology. Based in Oxford, UK, all Nitron Coilover Suspension kits are and hand made from the highest quality parts and materials.

All Nitron Coilover Kits are designed, manufactured and tested using the very latest 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) machines and 5-Axis CNC machines, Dynomometers, and the latest production and quality assurance techniques.

Nitron Racing as a company benefits from a design team with an accumulated experience covering machining, materials technology, hydraulics, bike engineering and car racing including F1. Many Nitron employees even have experience as competitive drivers and riders themselves. The ability to draw upon such a wealth of knowledge provides Nitron with an insight into the industry that very few competing manufacturers can compete against.

At Corby Motorsport we specialise in suspension systems and we are pleased to offer Nitron Racing coilover kits as one of our premium suspension manufactures.

The Nitron Coilover Range