Opel Manta Road Gripper Diff (Kadett & Ascona)

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Opel Manta Gripper Diff (Kadett & Ascona) - Road Specification

Two types of Gripper Diff are offered for the Opel Manta (Kadett & Ascona) depending upon the body size of the diff: Type A - 19.8mm (for 3.44 & 3.18 CWP ratio). Type B - 23.8mm (for 3.67,3.79, 4.1, 4.45 CWP ratio). The measurements are taken from the crownwheel mounting face to the bearing mounting face. Please let us know which type you need upon ordering.

Road Spec Gripper Differentials

Gripper Limited Slip Differentials are of the multi-plate design. When the diff detects a difference in wheel speed (such as in a wheel spin situation) across the driven axle, it locks the driveshafts together reducing wheelspin and increasing traction. In a FWD car, this eliminates power understeer on corner exit and in a RWD car, corner exit traction is increased and the car is more controllable. In all cases, cornering speeds are higher due to the increase in tyre grip.

Gripper Road Diffs - Smooth and Silent

Gripper road spec diffs have less preload than the race diffs for a smoother operation. The road clutch plates also give a near silent operation. Minute oil grooves are machined into the road plates to reduce stiction by introducing layer of oil between the plates for significantly extended plate life. The Gripper road diff is almost silent in operation and needs very little if any maintenance.

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Gripper Stock and Shipping

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Opel Manta Gripper Diff (Kadett & Ascona)

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