Powerflex Bushes

Powerflex Bushes and Handling Kits at Corby Motorpsort

Powerflex Bushes reduce the flex found OE suspension bushes for improved suspension location during hard cornering for greater grip and traction which improves safety, car feel, grip and traction allowing you more grip for faster lap times.

Powerflex Bushes can be bough separately or take a look at our Powerflex Handling Packs. These contain bushes that have been specifically selected to give the perfect combination of value versus performance based on years of experience. Powerflex have chosen products from their range to maximize the performance of the suspension, whilst being mindful of cost with a price saving over buying the parts individually.

This can be an ideal upgrade complementing other suspension upgrades such as shock absorbers and springs. Powerflex offer improved reliability over original parts and of course carry our Lifetime Warranty.

Powerflex Suspension Bushes....

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