Powerflex Handling Packs

Powerflex Handling Packs – Unbeatable Pricing!

If you want to save money on Powerflex handling packs, call or email us for a quote. We will talk you through the handling pack available for your car and quote you the lowest possible price which will include vat and shipping.

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  • By Phone: 01536 744256 (9am to 7pm Monday - Saturday)

The Powerflex Handling Packs

Powerflex have invested much time in researching what individual bushes to include in their Handling Packs based upon increasing grip and traction for each pack application. Each Powerflex Handling Pack therefore contains all the right bushes to transform the handling performance of your car. The basic handling packs do not contain anti-roll bar bushes as there are a variety of sizes available for each car so when you contact Corby Motorsport, have your anti-roll bar sizes ready and we will do the rest!

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