Safety Devices Roll Cages

Safety Devices Roll Cages

Our message here is simple, safety first!

Most racing formula demand a roll cage as basic equipment within the build up of your car and Safety Devices manufacture a large range of bolt in and weld in cages that are MSA and FIA homologated. If they are not homologated they are generally built to MSA regulations.

Our message to regular track day drivers reiterates what the MSA say. Motorsport is dangerous. The chances of a crash whilst on a track day event are still high, whether you are just learning the craft or start to become over confident. We recommend fitting a rear cage as a bare minimum for track day drivers as you want to be coming home at the end of the day!

The Safety Devices Roll Cage Range

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  • Safety Devices Bolt In Roll Cages – easy fit most are MSA and FIA certified
  • Safety Devices Weld In Roll Cages – the most comprehensive
  • Safety Devices Rear Cages – perfect for track days
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