Seat Leon Mk2 (06-) BC ER Series Coilover Kit

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Fitment for Chassis Code: PQ35 Models with 55mm OE Strut.

  • Front Spring Rate: 8Kg
  • Rear Spring Rate: 8Kg
  • Front Top Mount: Pillowball
  • Rear Top Mount: None
Specification: Full height and damping adjustable coilover front. Full height and damping adjustable coilover rear.

FREE Custom specification for your needs

Various aspects of the BC Racing ER Series kits can be customised to suit individual needs such as car specification, tyres used and the use of the car. For example, a road driven trackday car will have a different set up to a slick shod race car. Race cars will benefit from Race Damping whereas a trackday car also driven on the road may be more user friendly with the default damping. This is a no cost option.

Race cars may also benefit from changing the hardened rubber FRONT top mounts supplied in the default kit to pillowball top mounts to eliminate flex. Please enquire as to the current cost. Where the default ER Series kit is supplied with REAR top mounts, again, a race car will benefit from a pillowball upgrade.

The default springs rates quoted for BC ER Series kits can also be changed (softer or harder) depending upon what you are doing with the car. This gives even greater body control and in the case of cars with slick tyres, allows you to run the tyres at the correct operating temperate for maximum grip.

Click CONTACT US or call on 01536 744256 to discuss the specification of a kit that suits your exact needs.

About the BC Racing ER Series Coilover Kit

The BC ER Series (External Reservoir) features separate compression and rebound damping (30 clicks each) adjustment to allow you to individually adjust and set compression and rebound damping rates to dial the vehicle in to your exact needs. For example, whilst braking hard coming up to a corner you want to transfer weight to the front tyres for maximum braking grip and the ability trail brake into the corner without the car understeering. So, as you begin to lift off the brakes entering the corner, you wont want the suspension to snap back up too quickly (as this will reduce the weight load from the front tyres too quickly leading to understeer and slowing the car down.

The compression damping adjuster controls the way the car loads up the front tyres during braking and the separate rebound adjuster controls the speed at which the suspension returns as you come off the brakes to enter the corner proper, hence maintaining weight loading for longer to keep the front tyres gripping reducing understeer. This enables you to get the power down earlier for maximum corner exit speed for a faster overall lap time.

Other Benefits of the BC ER Series

The external reservoir allows for greater oil capacity within the damper unit which reduces peak oil temperatures to prevent the oil frothing or cavitating for more consistent damping over the course of a race improving handling and car performance.

Ride height is adjusted using the lower shock mount on most BC Coilovers, allowing the damper to retain its full range of travel, even at the low ride heights set for racing (allowing you use the kerbs with less chance of going airborne!)

Need Finance for your BC ER Series Coilovers?

It has never been cheaper to buy BC ER Series Coilovers! Enjoy our discounted prices and choose from:
  • 0% FINANCE for 12 months
  • LOW 9.9% Interest on 18-24 months
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Build Time and Postage of BC Racing ER Series Coilover Kits

The build time for BC ER series kits is roughly 7 to 12 working days.

Postage of your BC Coilover kit within UK mainland is free, overseas customers please click OVERSEAS POSTAGE to view and purchase postage. Buy your BC Racing Coilovers online or call today us on 01536 744256.

  • Model: H-04
  • Shipping Weight: 10lbs