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Toyota GT86 (11/07 +) KW F/R Anti Roll Bar Set

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Toyota GT86 (11/07 +) KW F/R Anti Roll Bar Set

Fitment: Fitment: 2.0Turbo

Specification: Specification: Front Anti Roll Bar 19mm 2-way adjustable Rear Anti Roll Bar 17mm 2-way adjustable

Your cars main suspension springs are designed to maintain maximum tyre contact with the road even over the most potholed roads and to give a level of comfort when the vehicle is travelling in a straight line. This means they are generally too soft to control body roll during cornering so Anti Roll Bars are fitted to most vehicles to control body roll during cornering buy effectively adding spring rate to the main springs to stiffen the suspension as the car corners.

Fitting an uprated KW Anti Roll Bar will further reduce body roll in corners for improved cornering grip and traction, without affecting the ride comfort of the car, or reduce the effectiveness of the tire to maintain good road surface contact. If your vehicle application uses a KW 2-way Adjustable Anti Roll Bar, this will allow you to fine tune your cars handling to reduce understeer or oversteer during hard cornering.

At Corby Motorsport, we carry a huge number of KW Anti Roll Bars in stock for all the popular models for the fastest delivery. Postage of your KW Anti Roll Bars within UK mainland is free, overseas customers please click OVERSEAS POSTAGE to view and purchase postage. Buy your KW Anti Roll Bars online or call today us on 01536 744256 (10am to 10pm / 7 Days).

Toyota GT86 (11/07 +) KW F/R Anti Roll Bar Set

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