Ultra Racing Strut Braces

Ultra Racing Strut Braces

Petrol heads have been fitting strut braces to the front suspension towers of their cars since the introduction of the internally combustable engine! However, these innovative chaps from Ultra Racing have developed a range of braces the cover almost every aspect of your cars chassis.

The Ultra Racing range consists of front and rear strut braces, upper and lower braces for front and rear and all manor of middle chassis braces both underneath and inside the car.

The advantage of bracing your cars chassis to this extent is that the bracing reduce chassis flex so your suspension geometry does not move under hard corning to maintain the maximum tyre contact with the road of track. Tyre grip and traction is increased and hence the car is faster though the bends and brakes more quickly.

Ultra Racing - Low Rate Finance

Ultra Racing offer a large range of braces for most models of car so take advantage of our high discounts and low rate finance packages and grab all the braces you want!

The Ultra Racing Strut Braces Range....