About Us

Corby Motorsport - Performance Car Parts

Established in 2006, we are an online performance parts specialist supplying performance parts to the fast road and race markets, from single individuals to established race teams. We are authorised main dealers for all the serious performance brands in the car tuning industry including Gaz Shocks, BC Racing, Gripper Differentials, HiSpec Brakes, KW Automotive, Nitron Racing, Safety Devices roll cages to name but a few. We have a vast range of performance exhausts, uprated suspension, engine tuning, parts all available to order online.

Experts in Car Tuning – Deep Roots in Motorsport

Since his early years in stock race racing in the 80s, our MD Mike Cunningham has spent countless hours building and preparing cars for the various formulas he has competing in including Vauxhall Nova and Sierra Sapphire based stock cars, drifting Nissan 200SXs, Classic Touring Car Racing R33 Skylines, a BMW E36 Compact Cup car and more recently an Allard 4x4 Racer based on a Range Rover.

As a company we have many years of experience in car tuning and modifying with a keen focus on suspension and differential modifications for handling improvements as we know this is where races are won!

We Take a Consultative Approach

We have never found an off the shelf race car so we don’t always supply off the shelf parts. If a part can be modified in various ways through its build or set-up then there is an advantage to having a part custom made – at no extra cost too!

We talk to our customers about what they are using their cars for such as road, race, drift, rallying, drag racing or track-days. We discuss the cars specification such as power output, stripped out with cage or full interior, tyres used (road, semi or full slick) and various other aspects of the car so we are able to make recommendations about how parts or kits such as coilover suspension, big brake kits, roll cages and limited slip differentials should be built or set-up in order to meet our customers specific needs. Our aim at Corby Motorsport to use our vast experience and excellent working relationships with our suppliers to have the parts you need built and set up to exceed your expectations and give you a competitive advantage.

Corby Motorsport Order Processing

Upon receipt of an order for a standard part, if stock is available it will ship for delivery on a next working day basis. Where are part can be custom made like some of our suspension kits, or set up in a certain way like a limited slip differential, we will email you to discuss what you need from the part and the build will commence. These parts are generally dispatched to you directly from our suppliers. In either case, you will be either emailed, or telephoned with updates about your order if there are any delays.

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