BC Racing Coilover Kits

BC Racing Coilover Suspension Kits

These awesome adjustable suspension kits represent great value for money with many features that you generally find on more expensive suspension kits such as camber adjustable pillowball front top mounts and separate methods to adjust corner weighting and ride height.

All kits come with adjustable ride height and damping which not only enables you to drop and stiffen the car controlling body roll to increase grip and traction but to also alter the front to rear height and stiffness ratio so you can dial out unwanted understeer or oversteer for a more neutral faster cornering car.

We use BC Racing Coilovers

We have a set of the BR Series fitted to our track day Skyline R33 with race damping and stiffer ER series springs. This gives us a set up that is simple to adjust and controls body roll sufficiently for the car to corner flat and predictably with much more grip than the standard set up. They have been fitted to the car for many years and have proved faultless even though the car gets driven hard on track.

The BC Racing Coilover Range

In the BC Racing line up there will be a kit for every need and budget whether you need a kit to simply lower your car for shows right through to a 3-way damping adjustable set up with external reservoirs to fit to your top flight Time Attack or race car.

BR SERIES – height and damping adjustable coilover kit aimed at fast road and track days. Simple to set up

DS SERIES – similar to BR series but with digressive fast flow valve for quicker damper reaction for increased grip and traction

RM SERIES – inverted monotube moves oil and gas cells away from brakes (heat source) for improved resistance to heat build up in the dampers

ER SERIES – similar features to the BR series but with external reservoir to increase oil capacity for heat resistance in race conditions. 2-way damping gives separate control over rebound and compression

HM SERIES – inverted monotube with external reservoir and 2-way damping giving separate control over rebound and compression

ZR SERIES – based on the ER series with 3-way damping gives separate control over rebound and high and low speed compression

Further features of BC Racing Suspension Kits

All of the different types of kits that BC produce share some basic design features that we feel are extremely important when choosing a quality coilover set up.
  • Pillowball upper mount (where possible)
  • Camber adjustable top mounts (where possible)
  • Aluminium top plates (where possible)
  • Adjustable damping (choice of styles depending up the Series chosen)
  • Adjustable spring platform for corner weighting
  • Height adjustment via bottom mount to retain full damper travel regardless of ride height (where possible)
  • Bearing mounted upper front spring platform to eliminate spring wind up whilst steering
  • Dust boot to protect damper seals for longer life
  • Black chromed finish for corrosion protection
  • High quality coil springs in various spring rates
  • High quality damper oil to reduce oil temperature variances
  • Nitrogen pressurised dampers to prevent oil aerate and cavitation to maintain consistent damping
  • Patented concave lower locking collar to prevent the bottom mount from becoming loose