D2 Racing Brake Kits

D2 Racing Brake Kits - Designed to Perform

The D2 Racing brake kits are designed to cope with the heat generated by extreme braking on the road or track. Whereas the standard braking system will quickly overheat and no longer perform, D2 Racing brake kits will dissipate this heat to keep the braking system within its operating parameters allowing you, the driver, to brake for much longer and much harder. It is extremely unlikely that a driver will find the limits of a D2 Racing braking system if they choose the right kit to suit their needs, no matter if the car is a road car, race car or sprint car.

This frees you up to enjoy the performance of your vehicle without having to hold back on the braking effort used or cut your track time short due to a fading braking system. With a set of D2 Racing brakes you can concentrate on maximising the cars performance knowing with full confidence that every time you hit the brake pedal the car will stop progressively and consistently.

Kit Contents - D2 Racing Brake Kits

The D2 Racing brake kit includes everything you will need except brake fluid.
  • Pair of lightweight strong aluminium calipers (6 pot front, 4 pot rear)
  • Pair of race specification rotors (drilled or grooved)
  • Pair of lightweight aluminium bells
  • Pair of steel brackets
  • Pair of braided brake lines
  • Set of brake pads
  • Full fitting kit
  • Fitting guide

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D2 Brake Kits - Rotor and Bell Assembly

All kits come pre-assembled with balanced rotors (to ensure optimum performance) and ready to fit. The bell is manufactured from lightweight aluminium to keeps unsprung weight to a minimum and reduce servicing costs.

D2 Tracing Brake Calipers - Lightweight & Rigid

D2 Racing calipers are CNC machined from a single block of forged aluminium, with S45C steel CNC mounting brackets for strength and accuracy of fit on your vehicle. The calipers are fitted with internal and external seals to prevents sticking or dragging brake issues to ensures the optimum in performance when you need it most. The default colour for the D2 Racing calipers is a painted deep red. Black, purple, and yellow are all non cost option caliper colours.

D2 Racing Brake Pads

The D2 Racing brake pads offer an excellent fast road and mild track experience. We offer a wide range of alternative pads to suit your needs to full race pads.