Gaz Coilovers

A range of fully customisable road, race and tarmac rally coilover kits by Gaz Shocks. Manufactured in the UK and covering a wide range of vehicle manufacturers

A vast range of damping adjustable shock absorbers for the classic and modern market by Gaz Shocks. Manufactured in the UK and covering a wide range of vehicle manufacturers

Gaz Coilovers from Gaz Shocks Ltd

At Corby Motorsport we are one of the largest and most experienced Gaz Coilovers specialists in the UK. We have been working with Gaz Shocks since 2006 to customise Gaz Coilover kits where necessary to suit the individual needs of our customers, a service for which we make no extra charge as we believe every customer should have the correct specification kit for their needs. This covers cars that are used on the road, track-days, circuit motorsport, drift drag, tarmac and gravel rally cars. We can specify spring rates, damper valving, increased or decreased right heights to whatever the customer needs to achieve the most competitive car.

We have first hand experience in running the kits on our own cars, we have used Gaz Gold Coilover kits on our Sierra Cosworth and BMW E36 Compact race cars, the fixed pan dampers on our Vauxhall Nova and Sierra Stock Cars to name but a few. Most of cars will have some kind of lowering (that’s how we roll!) and many use Gaz Coilovers as they work perfectly.

Our Gaz Coilovers listing show a 3 to 4 week lead time for most kits due to the customisable nature of the kits. We also offer a cheap price, free UK mainland shipping and we export about half of our Gaz Coilover kits sold around the world.

The Gaz Coilovers Range

  • Gaz GHA Coilovers for road and trackday
  • Gaz Gold for motorsport use
  • Gaz Gold Pro for MX5, TVR Models, Lotus Elise and Vauxhall VX220
  • Gaz Universal Coilovers supplied in various lengths
  • Gaz Dampers - a range of OE fitment uprated dampers for classic and modern vehicles

Gaz Coilovers Payment, Build Time and Shipping

  • Our secure online checkout can process CARD and PAYPAL payments (Incl PAYPAL CREDIT)
  • FREE UK Mainland Shipping
  • Cheap Overses shipping
  • 3-4 week lead time

About Gaz Shocks Ltd

Gaz Coilovers are made in the UK by Gaz Shocks Ltd. This is a brand formed in 2000 by Gazmatic International who, since the 1960s have been building suspension parts for major manufacturers in the automotive industry. With almost 50 years of suspension design and manufacturing experience to its credit, the Gaz Shocks brand was formed and Gaz Coilovers and Suspension Dampers we designed and manufactured for the road, race and classic market place.

Fast forward to the present day and Gaz Coilovers can be found all over the world fitted to road, trackday and dedicated circuit race cars in many top flight race formulas. Gaz Shocks have worked with a number of domestic race promotors and have even fielded their own cars and drivers in these championships to demonstrate the capabilities of the Gaz Coilover products.

Gaz currently sponsor the following race series:
  • Lotus Elise Trophy
  • BMW Compact Cup Series
  • BRSCC Porsche Championship
  • Mazda Mk1 MX-5 Supercup
  • Mazda Mk3 MX-5 Supercup
  • Mighty Minis Racing
  • Smart Car 4two Cup
  • Pick Up Truck Racing
GAZ Shocks design and build coilover suspension kits and adjustable OE replacement telescopic dampers (shock absorbers) for the classic and modern market. Starting with the race derived coilover kits, there are two distinct offers in the Gaz Coilover range as follows.

GAZ Coilovers for Road and Trackday (Gaz GHA Range)

The Gaz Road and Trackday kits (their part number start with GHA) are a range of height and damping adjustable coilover kits which utilise 2.25 (inside diameter) inch coil springs and feature rebound damping adjusted via a top adjuster on the front and a side adjuster on the rear dampers to stiffen or soften the damping force. These kits are designed to stiffen up the chassis and lower the ride height to reduce and control body roll to increase tyre grip for faster cornering. The adjustable damping allows drivers to alter the cars handling characteristics for example, stiffening the rear relative to the front damping to reduce a front wheel drive cars tendency to understeer. This helps to increase cornering speed further by adjusting the damping forces to result in a more neutrality handling car with less oversteer or understeer.

Motorsport Suspension - Gaz Gold Coilovers (Gaz GGA Range)

The Gaz Motorsport kits (their part numbers start with GGA) are referred to as Gaz Gold Coilover kits. These kits differ from their road and trackday counterparts in the following ways.

In macpherson strut cars, the damper bodies are larger and use 2.5 inch (inside diameter) springs. The reason Gaz Shocks do this for the Gaz Gold coilover range is that during a race or track day use dampers are worked very hard, especially on bumpy tracks. In dampers designed for road use, the damper oil can become hot and start to airiate (where the damper oil starts to froth like a milkshake!) causing the damping force to reduce and become inconsistent. This causes a reduction in grip and the car will feel different and less predictable.

A larger damper size allows for a larger capacity of oil to be used (which is also pressurised by nitrogen gas in the Gaz Gold range). This prevents the oil overheating and airiating so the car feels the same at the end of the race as it did when it started with no reduction in damper performance, grip or body control.

Larger damper bodies also allow for the fitment of larger piston rods for increased strength and larger, stronger main bearings. This is an important factor when choosing a suspension kit for serious track day and race use where the car is shod with semi slick or full slick tyres. Extremely high side loads are fed into the dampers from the extra grip exhibited by these sticky tyres. The larger, stronger bearings fitted into Gaz Gold Coilover kits are designed to accept these side loadings whereas a coilover kit designed for road use will soon wear the bearings resulting in leaking dampers as well as the possibility of bending piston rods due to the higher loads.

Gaz Gold Pro Coilover Kits

Gaz Gold Pro coilover suspension kits are designed for Mazda MX5 Mk1 and Mk2, Lotus Elise and Exige, TVR models and Vauxhall VX220. They are a premium range of lightweight, high performance suspension kits designed for fast road, track day and tarmac motorsport use (with different spring rates and damper valving depending upon use. The Gaz Gold Pro kits are manufactured from high tensile alloy with induction hardened piston rods and have a multi point adjustable control knob to adjust bump and rebound. The Gaz Gold Pro damper units are filled with high viscosity index fluid to alleviate cavitation and have an internal gas cell to help prevent fade, added to this the Gaz Gold Pro range are offered with self lubricating spherical bearings and progressive bump stops.

Gaz Shocks Adjustable Dampers (OE Replacement)

Within this vast range are top adjustable inserts for road or competition cars manufactured from the 1960’s onwards.

Fixed spring seat damper units (to take OE diameter coil springs) with the added benefit of adjustable damping from a single control knob. These units are manufactured mainly for the classic car market to retain original equipment ride height but lengths can be adjusted to customers requirements if the car is to be lowered or raised for competition use.

Gaz Shocks also offer a very extensive range of telescopic dampers for both modern and classic car applications. These units can be built in various open and closed lengths and will adjust bump and rebound off a single control knob.

The Gaz Coilovers Experts - Corby Motorsport

We have enjoyed a very close working relationship with Gaz Shocks since we opened for business in 2006. We have worked closely with the design team at Gaz for over a decade and are highly experienced in the Gaz Shocks product range and specification. Uniquely, we offer a free service whereby, after discussing our customers requirements and car specification, we are able have their Gaz Coilovers tailor made to meet their requirements – absolutely free.

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