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Gripper Diffs from Gripper LSD

Corby Motorsport are one of the largest and most experienced Gripper Diff specialists in the UK. We have been working closely with the Gripper factory since 2006 and can offer full factory support including the Gripper Lifetime Warranty. We customise ramp angles, preload and active plates to suit the individual needs of our customers, a service for which we make no extra charge as we believe every customer should have the correct specification Gripper Diff for their needs.

We are able to set limited slip diffs up for road cars, track-day cars and race cars competing in drift drag, tarmac and gravel rally cars, loose surface and even ice racing cars to give you the competitive edge.

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The Gripper Diff Range

  • Road Limited Slip Diffs - Almost silent in operation and virtually maintenance free

  • Race Limited Slips Diffs - We can set Gripper race diffs up for a wide variety of motorsport disciplines from tarmac to loose surfaces or even ice racing at no extra charge

About Gripper Differentials Ltd

Gripper Differentials Ltd is a trading name of Dave Mac Propshafts llp. The company itself has over 30 years of experience in designing and building transmission and driveline parts for the motor industry and race markets.

Gripper Differentials Ltd are a small organisation with a big reputation backed up the Gripper Lifetime Warranty. The inner workings of the limited slip differentials that Gripper produce are designed to be lightweight but more importantly, very compact. This is key in that it allows Gripper the ability to produce a limited slip differential to fit into smaller axles and gearboxes that other manufactures struggle to offer.

The small size of the LSD units belies the strength and performance of the Gripper diff range as high quality aero quality steel is used throughout construction. Manufacturing tolerances are kept extremely tight. By using aircraft grade steel and precision design and manufacture, Gripper Limited Slip Differentials are amongst the strongest limited slip differentials money can buy.

Gripper Limited Slip Differentials are based on the well proven Multi-Plate principal. Simply put, the diff uses crosspins that climb a ramp (designed with a predesigned angle selected for the use of the car). The action of the crosspins climbing up the ramps exerts a force on the plates which then lock the diff hence the driveshafts are locked together transmitting all the power of the engine to both road wheels with no wheel spin. This increases grip and traction.

The Gripper units have unique design features that makes them unusually progressive. Buy altering the ramp angle, preload and number of active plates the locking characteristics of the differential can be set up to suit different surfaces and driving styles making the Gripper Diff range extremely customisable for our customers use which includes Historic, Classic, Modern, Single Seat, Sports, Saloons and Off Road customers.