KAAZ 1.5 Way Differentials

KAAZ 1.5 Way Diffs

The KAAZ 1.5 Way Limited Slip Differential is the most popular choice as it is designed for all types of motorsports driving. The KAAZ 1.5 Way offers full locking potential in acceleration with a reduce locking action on deceleration.

This helps to maintain the cars balance under braking but to reduce the possibility of inducing understeer whilst on the brakes coming into a corner.

The 1.5 Way is perfectly suited to the tracks found in the UK which are generally of a short but technical nature in most corners with a few tracks offering real high speed corners.

The KAAZ 1.5 way is also very popular in aggressive motorsports such like drifting or low gear auto crossing & gymkhana. Again this is due to the excellent locking on acceleration without induced understeer effecting corner entry.

The KAAZ 1.5 Way Differential Range