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KAAZ Limited Slip Differentials

Corby Motorsport has been supplying KAAZ Limited Slip Differentials for almost 10 years and there are some very compelling reasons why! KAAZ Limited Slip Differentials are acknowledged as amongst the highest quality LSD units available with the company themselves recognised as pioneers in the limited slip differential aftermarket. Using only the highest grade materials and the latest CAD/CAM production techniques, KAAZ limited slip differentials are used at the highest levels of motorsport around the world.

KAAZ as a company has been in the industry since 1922 far longer then most of its competitors! With over 90 years of experience in development and production, KAAZ have the right resources and capabilities to produce a superior product without the need to sell it at a premium. All the hard work has been done and customers can take advantage of KAAZ competitive pricing.

The KAAZ Limited Slip Differentials Range
  • 1.5 Way KAAZ LSD
  • 2 Way KAAZ LSD
  • SuperQ Option
KAAZ build two main configuration of limited slip diffs known as the 1.5 way or a 2 way dicated by the design of the cam groove which enables the LSD to function differently under acceleration/deceleration loads.

KAAZ 1.5 Way LSD

The 1.5 way diff is suitable for all types of fast road and motorsports driving offering full locking performance during acceleration and reduced lockup on deceleration which minimises understeer on deceleration allowing the car to turn in crisply and predictably. For front wheel drive vehicles the 1.5 way is also very effective providing extra stability during braking.


The 2 way is designed to offer full locking in both acceleration and deceleration whish is beneficial for high speed tracks where it exhibits better stability during high speed cornering whilst also providing great control during late breaking scenarios where the vehicle is actually slowed down during the apex rather than traditional braking which is applied before entering or during the apex

In drifting, the more aggressive drivers prefer the 2 way to maintain the rear sideways motion (even during gear changes) and tackling very aggressive transitions.

KAAZ SuperQ Option

You will notice that on many listings there is a link to the KAAZ SuperQ option. This latest development in the KAAZ line up improves an already impressive racing product so that it can be used in comfort on the road! The SuperQ process features the addition of a plate surface treatment that allows an extremely smooth diff operation with the least amount of plate chattering noise. SuperQ units also increase in lifespan by about 15%-30% longevity due to this plate surface treatment.

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