LifeLine Plumbed In Fire Systems

Lifeline Plumbed In Car Fire Extinguishers.

Lifeline was established back in 1980, and very quickly became the industry’s leading manufacturer and supplier of plumbed in race car fire extinguisher systems supplying motorsport teams and privateers alike.

The primary purpose of the Lifeline plumbed in car fire extinguisher range is to save life first, safe property second. The range of plumbed in fir systems you see on the Corby Motorsport website do both. Fitting a Lifeline fire system allows you the peace of mind that you have purchased one ofthe best in car fire extinguisher systems available and that they are all MSA and FIA homologated.

Choose between the popular Lifeline 2000 (foam) series and the Lifeline 360 (Novec) series which pushed the boundaries forward in motorsport safety. We price match here at Corby Motorsport and if you find any Lifeline Fire Extinguishers cheaper elsewhere, we'll match it.

The Lifeline Fire Extinguisher Range