Citroen Saxo Gripper Diff for OE CWP (MA Gearbox)

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Nissan Micra Gripper Diff (K11)

Fitment notes:
  • Early 1.0 93-96 Micras use the K10 diff so this K11 Gripper diff will not fit these cars
  • Will fit the 1.0 facelift Micra (98+) and coilpack version
  • Fits 1.3 and 1.4 K11 Micras
  • No speedo drive facility
Gripper Limited Slip Differentials

Gripper Limited Slip Differentials are of the multi-plate design. When the diff detects a difference in wheel speed (such as in a wheel spin situation) across the driven axle, it locks the driveshafts together reducing wheelspin and increasing traction. In a FWD car, this eliminates power understeer on corner exit and in a RWD car, corner exit traction is increased and the car is more controllable. In all cases, cornering speeds are higher due to the increase in tyre grip giving faster lap times.

Gripper Diffs - Free Tailored Setup

We will set up your Gripper Diff up based upon the intended use of the car before you take delivery. If the set up we apply does not suit you, we will reset your diff FREE OF CHARGE a second time within 30 days of receipt. We can adjust preload, ramp angle and number of active plates to give the ideal handling characteristics across differing disciplines such as:
  • Fast Road / Trackday (using quiet plates)
  • Tarmac Race
  • Tarmac Rally
  • Loose Surface Rally
  • Ice Rally
  • Drift
  • Drag
  • Hillclimbs and Sprints
  • Oval Race
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Nissan Micra Gripper Diff (K11)

  • Manufactured by: Gripper