BMW F31 / F34 3-Series GT / Touring (13 on) Airex Suspension Kit

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Audi TT 2WD Gaz GOLD Coilover (98-01)

This kit is supplied as full coilover front with uprated, damping adjustable telescopic rear dampers and shortened springs. Rear height is adjustable using the Gaz adjustable spring pans (supplied).

  • Designed for serious track-day and motorsport use (tarmac and gravel)
  • Damper body lengths tailored to your needs
  • Damper valving tailored to your needs
  • Race coil springs. Spring rates tailored to your needs
  • On car adjustable damping
  • On car height adjustment
  • 62mm bodies for increased oil capacity (reduces fade)
  • 22mm diameter induction hardened piston rods
  • Dampers have multi lip sealing
  • High viscosity index race grade oil used
  • Gas cell in the outer reservoir
  • Black anodised to maximise corrosion resistance
The Gaz Gold kits are designed for serious track-day and tarmac motorsport and built to accommodate the high side loadings of semi and full slick tyres. Height and damping are adjusted on car. Rebound and compression is adjusted using a single adjuster on the side of the damper (kits can be upgraded to EXTERNAL RESERVIOR to separate bump and compression adjustments). This adjustability to allow you to quickly alter your set-up and the handling characteristics of your car for the quickest lap times by dialling the car into any given circuit, reducing understeer or oversteer where needed.

Free Custom Build of Your Gaz Gold Coilovers

An essential part of our service to our customers is our free tailored specification of your new Gaz Gold Coilover kit specifically designed to suit your needs. Upon receipt of your order, we will email you to discuss the spec and use of the car and what tyres you are using so we can have your kit built with the correct spring rates and damper valving for your needs at no extra cost. Differing set ups are available for circuit racing, drift, drag, tarmac and gravel rallying. This is due to the different weight transfer requirements and wheel travel needs of different racing disciplines. Circuit race cars tend to be stiffly sprung with low ride heights (semi slick and full slick tyres require even higher spring rates to generate the heat for the tyres to work), rally cars on the other hand tend to run at OE ride height or higher with softer springs for greater wheel travel. Drift and drag cars can be set stiffer at the non powered axle to transfer weight to the driven wheels for maximum traction. On FWD drive cars we can even build in 'lift off oversteer' to combat understeer.

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Audi TT 2WD Gaz GOLD Coilover (98-01)