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About Vibra Technics Engine and Gearbox Mountings

Your cars engine and gearbox probably weigh in at 200kg plus. All that weight is suspended on OE mounts designed for comfort which allow significant movement, typically 25-30mm. The powertrain therefore, acts like a pendulum under your bonnet every time you accelerate, brake or turn. The weight shift of the moves the centre of gravity of the car upsetting the balance of the car when you need it most!

Another common problem with excess powertrain movement especially with serious track day or race cars is that your OE engine and gearbox mountings can fail or allow stress on engine connections causing them to leak or break such as intercooler pipes, fuel lines and exhaust systems etc.

Vibra Technics Mountings – The Cure

Engine mounting systems are a balance between isolating engine vibration and controlling engine movement and they work very much like a cars main suspension system as the same factors affect its performance such as stiffness damping and deflection.

Vibra Technics rubber-to-metal bonded engine and gearbox mounts are designed to control and reduce the physical movement of the powertrain to cope with higher engine outputs and fast road or race driving, typically less than 3mm.

When you control this physical movement of the drivetrain you eliminate clearance problems with strut braces and exhaust systems, body panels and the stresses in engine connections to reduce the chances of ruptured fuel lines and intercooler pipework.

As we have found out on our own cars, controlling engine movement to a minimum can significantly improve the precision feel to the handling, especially on a car running competition tyres and suspension.

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