V-Maxx Brake Kits

Corby Motorsport: V-Maxx Brakes

Engineered to eliminate brake fade, V-Maxx brake kits are designed to remove heat quickly during fast road and race use. The brake discs have internal fins to move hot air out of the system whilst the grooved face refreshes and cleans pad on each application of the brakes. Callipers are lightweight 4 piston design offering a significant increase in clamping pressure for harder brake application and faster speed reduction.

All V-Maxx brake kits are supplied with a full fitting kit and instructions and come complete with braided brake lines to improve pedal feel and reduce the chance of pipes bursting under pressure.

We Supply V-Maxx Brakes

At Corby Motorsport, our customers demand high performance parts without having to spend the high cost prices demanded by most of the bigger named brands. V-Maxx brake kits offer tremendous value for money not only in terms of the initial cost but also in the low spares costs. The 2 year warranty is amongst the longest in the aftermarket braking industry and serves as a reminder of the quality built into every V-Maxx brake kit.

Why Do We Stock V-Maxx Brakes?

For the ultimate in fast road and race big brake upgrades, we cannot fault V-Maxx brake kits. Designed and built with the latest race brake technology but with TuV certification for fast road use, V-Maxx brake kits can be used anywhere in the world where other manufactures lack TuV certification. All kits come with a 2 year warranty against material defects and workmanship.